About Us
In 2001, the President, Xu's father deceased by diabetes mellitus which caused septicemia ( an infection spread from a part of your body through your blood).
Losing the lovely father is tremendous impact for president Xu. He always keeps his regret and he’s also wondering to know there are other ways (natural ways) to cure infection without using the antibiotics. If so are there, a great number of people would benefit from that!

Within several years passed, president Xu keen to look for natural ingredient that is easy to absorbed by human. He contract with medical specialist in university and do the research with relative master. He always emphases that food and medicine have same origin, indeed, food are the best medicine for the patient.

Story of the Brand started from 2009, he cooperated with Liao-Kuan-Wen, a professor in National Chiao Tung University, and set corbicula as research target in food ingredient.
In order to make dream come true, Zhao-Hong Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. After day by day studying, we found that the function of Clam protein is similar with antibiotic. So, feeding clam with strictly operation are become his priority; In 2003, Zhao-hong obtained the first certification license of Clam protein and the research team is still work hard for a betterment of people’s health.