eTC Capsules, Green Pure Peptide - 30 Pieces

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Best of eTC capsules, health capsule

Key Features

eTC Capsules can reduce the amount of cholesterol. Awarded the Health Foods certificate, Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) certificate, double affirmation. If you are interested, feel free to contact us via email to order!

Product Advantages
  • Golden Clam + Chlorella Dipeptides
  • The function of green pure peptide regulates blood lipids
  • The only dipeptide hydrolysis material that uses enzymes to hydrolyze golden clams and chlorella
  • Unique triple-enzyme peptide targeted hydrolysis technology
  • Effectively adsorb cholesterol metabolites and excrete them out of your body
Applicable groups

People with slightly high blood lipids, restaurant foodies, skinny fat It has the function of reducing cholesterol and triglycerides at the same time, effectively improving and regulating blood lipids and achieving the effect of cardiovascular maintenance and protection.
Golden clam meat proteolytic enzyme + plant fibre hydrolytic enzyme + chlorella proteolytic enzyme
The small molecule tripeptide of clam meat and chlorella made by triple hydrolytic enzymes has the effect of adsorbing cholesterol metabolites, which can excrete cholesterol metabolites from the body and achieve the effect of reducing cholesterol
The protein digestibility of this product is >85%, increasing the body's absorption rate

Nutritional ingredients

High-quality comprehensive protein (vegetal & animal) hydrolyzed amino acid, nucleic acid, chlorophyll, vitamin B (B complex), trace elements, folic acid, glycogen, algal polysaccharides, arginine, water-soluble dietary fibre, and linolenic acid.

  • Daily recommended consumption: 1.8g
  • Peptide content Journal publication functionality 380-420 Da
  • Peptide fragment >100mg/g